We unite Turkey and the World for a sustainable life with leading enterprises
Annual Report 2020 Film

2021-2025 Strategy House

We unite Turkey and the World for a sustainable life with leading enterprises Provide wider customer experience Transform into an agile global/local footprint Pioneer in sustainability Lead in digital & material technologies Industrials Adapt to Future of Work Financial Services  Digital Business Energy and Utilities • Customer oriented services • Distribution network growth • Renewable generation growth • Holistic end to end smart digital banking • Growth in insurance with new products, channels & partnerships Corporate Venture Capital • Advanced analytics • Internet of Things (IoT) • Cybersecurity • Digital transformation of retail businesses Early positioning in emerging digital and material technologies • Asset light services • Sizeable customer solutions • Distributed generation • E-mobility • Expand composites to Europe • New mobility solutions • Strengthen white cement leadership • Light asset footprint expansion for grey cement • Advanced materials & fibers • Flexible electronics, films and sensors • Construction materials and chemicals • New Energy Vehicles & rail systems Human capital Purpose • New Insurtech solutions • Long-term care services • Wealth management solutions • E-money (Ak-Öde) Strategic Direction New Growth Platforms Grow and Protect the Core Holding Value Add Foundation Dynamic Capital Allocation Performance Culture Value Creation via Data Driven Ecosystem


Solid global footprint and sustainable growth in balanced businesses

Competing in global markets, to be substantive and representing Turkey on the global scale have always been top priorities for Sabancı Group. In 2020, we have executed our strategic goals while expanding our businesses with international partnerships. Thanks to our strong brands that have achieved remarkable success in multiple geographies, our influence across the globe has expanded even further.

40 Million+ Customers 9 Global Partnerships 14 Countries 60 Thousand+ Employment


Succeeding and sharing in challenging conditions

We maintained our growth trajectory during the pandemic, which continued to affect ways of doing business in Turkey and the world. Our sound financial results once again confirmed that we are on the right path. We managed to improve our results in this challenging environment thanks to our solid financial structure, balanced businesses and strong cash generation. With robust and transparent cash management and continuous dividend payments, we once again met all our stakeholders’ interests.

Growth in Consolidated Net Income 26% 2020 Growth in Operational Cash Flow (*) 13% 2020 Net Financial Debt/EBITDA (**) 1.5x 2020 Year-End Growth in Dividend Per Share 22% 2016-2020 CAGR (***)

(*) Non-bank combined; excluding financial services, banking and other segment.
(**) Excluding one-off income/expenses, IFRS16 impact, banking and net cash position of financial services.
(***) CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate


Sustainable actions for Sabancı of New Generation

Sabancı Group considers sustainability as an integral part of its mission and strategy. We prioritize efficiency and cyclical economy practices throughout our value chain. We also support sustainable investments with our financial services. As Sabancı of New Generation, we underpin our mission to be a model and a pioneer with our long-term goals for 2030 and 2050.

Sustainable Investment Funds TL 15 billion Sustainable Loan financing TL 200 billion Increase circular business models and Zero Waste Until 2030 Until 2050 Net Zero Emission throughout all operations


In 2020, Sabancı Group continued its business operations by implementing anti-COVID-19 measures at the highest level. We maintained our strong financial performance in this extremely challenging year thanks to the outstanding efforts of our employees.

Güler Sabancı
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In line with its rapid and exemplary transformation based on technology and sustainability, we changed our purpose to “We unite Turkey and the World for a sustainable life with leading enterprises.”

Cenk Alper
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Sabancı’s solid global footprint expands with its wide customer base and strong global partnerships.


Increasing its consolidated net income by 26% in 2020, Sabancı Holding’s operational cash flow rose more than 2.5 times in five years and reached TL 10.7 billion.

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Selected as the “Best Bank in Turkey” for the 14th year in a row, Akbank was also named the world’s “Best Bank in Emerging Markets” by Euromoney.

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Despite the pandemic, Aksigorta and Avivasa extended their solid performance thanks to comprehensive digitalization efforts.

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As the leaders of the Turkish energy industry, Sabancı Energy Group companies demonstrated an impressive performance despite a highly challenging 2020.

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Sabancı Industry Group reinforced its leadership in all markets it operate with its agility and excellence-oriented approach.

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Turkey’s cement giants Akçansa and Çimsa focused on creating value to the environment, society and the national economy while carrying out their activities in 2020.

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In 2020, Sabancı Retail Group companies Carrefoursa and Teknosa managed to increase their online sales volume 4 times through their digital platforms.

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SabancıDx entered 2020, the beginning of a new decade, with significant investments in digital technologies and achieving important milestones in terms of corporate transformation.

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We touch the lives of individuals everywhere in Turkey.

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