Orchestrating Success beyond Borders: Sabancı’s Global Ecosystem

6Business Partners
Sabancı’s Sustainable
Symphony: Orchestrating
Environmental, Social
and Governance
USD5BILLIONCommitment to spend for SDG-linked activities by 2027
AABy MSCI, a remarkable 4-notch increase in 4 years
9Sabancı companies listed in leadership level in CDP Climate Change
A Symphony of Excellence:
Aligning Financial Success
with Long-Term Value
USD8.8BILLIONNet Asset Value*
5%Share of total BIST capitalization**
21Years of Uninterrupted Dividend Payments


*As of 31.12.2023. Market values for listed assets, independent valuation for Enerjisa Üretim, Sabancı Building Solutions and Sabancı Climate Technologies, and book values for the rest of unlisted assets.
**As of 31.12.2023 and including 11 listed Sabancı companies
Highlights of Sabancı Holding's developments in 2023

March 2023

Establishment of Digital Strategic Business Unit (SBU):

Sabancı Holding sets up Digital SBU to foster existing digital enterprises and accelerate new digital investments and initiatives

April 2023

Announcement of Science-based Emission Reduction Targets:

Çimsa and Akçansa sign SBTi commitment letters to set their science-based emission reduction targets

Corporate Venture Capital Investments, Sungreen H2:

Sabancı Ventures invests in Sungreen H2, Singapore-based developer of modular green hydrogen technology and equipment

May 2023

Initiation of Sabancı Holding-Exsa Merger1 :

Sabancı Holding starts consolidation of Exsa subsidiaries to achieve value crystallization and managerial efficiency

Sabancı Holding’s Sustainability Interim Targets:

Sabancı Holding announces interim Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions reduction targets: 15% for 2025, 42% for 2030

Sabancı Holding’s SDG2- linked Investment Plans:

Sabancı Holding discloses SDG-linked investment plans of USD 5 billion by 2027 for capital and operational expending

June 2023

Corporate Venture Capital Investments, Segmentify:

Sabancı Ventures invests in Segmentify, UK based client management software designed to optimize client conversion and boost sales

July 2023

Acquisition of Remaining Stake in Eşarj:

Enerjisa Müşteri Çözümleri acquires remaining 6% stake in Eşarj to reach 100% ownership

August 2023

Aksaray Factory Investment:

Brisa makes USD 34 million investment for Aksaray Factory to expand annual capacity to 4.6 million tires by 2026

September 2023

SBS US Investment:

SBS makes USD 82 million gray cement grinding facility investment to expand capacity to 600k tons

Capital Contribution to Sabancı Climate Technologies:

Sabancı Holding executes USD 75 million equivalent TL capital increase to finance Sabancı Climate Technologies investments in renewable energy in line with international growth plans

Completion of Solar Power Plant at Çimsa’s Afyon Facility:

Çimsa completes solar power plant with an installed capacity of about 3,370 kWp DC at Afyon Plant

October 2023

Acquisition of Oriana Solar LLC:

Sabancı Climate Technologies makes second investment by acquiring Oriana Solar, boosting company’s total solar energy capacity to 504 MW in the USA once complete, includes a 232 MW solar power plant and 60 MW energy storage investment

November 2023

Financing secured for Cutlass Solar II Project of Sabancı Renewables:

Sabancı Renewables secures tax equity financing totaling USD 185 million for Cutlass Solar II Project, a 272 MW solar energy investment in the US

Start of Operations of Sabancı Global Technology Center (SGTC):

SGTC, founded in Munich, launches to develop innovative, environmental products and technologies in advanced materials, composites and construction reinforcement

Corporate Venture Capital Investments, GRZ Technologies:

Sabancı Ventures invests in GRZ Technologies, a Swiss-headquartered hydrogen-based powerto-power systems and thermochemical hydrogen compressors manufacturer

December 2023

Partial Share Sale in Sabancı Building Solutions BV:

Sabancı Holding transfers 10.1% stake in SBS to Çimsa, increasing Çimsa’s interest in SBS to 50.1%, consolidating SBS under Çimsa (Prior to this transfer, Sabancı Holding held a 60% stake in SBS with Çimsa holding the remaining 40%)

Commercial Partnership Agreement with FACC AG:

Kordsa enters into commercial collaboration with FACC AG, the global leader in the aerospace industry to supply flame retardant epoxy-based products for use in cabin interior components

Sabancı Holding MSCI Rating Update:

Sabancı Holding’s MSCI rating goes up one notch from A to AA

Sabancı Holding Refinitiv ESG Score Update:

Sabancı Holding maintains Refinitiv A score, corresponding to “Excellent Performance,” in Investment Holding Companies

Corporate Venture Capital Investments, Fernhay Solutions:

Sabancı Ventures invests in Fernhay Solutions, operating in the USA as a developer of micromobility and last mile delivery solutions

Corporate Venture Capital Investments, Brandefense:

Sabancı Ventures invests in Brandefense, a proactive digital enterprise risk protection solution

Developments on Enerjisa Enerji’s Preliminary Licenses for Solar Power Plants:

Enerjisa Enerji obtains preliminary licenses during 2023 for 287 MW solar energy generation capacity and 255 MWh energy storage capacity

Enerjisa Üretim’s Total Generation and Storage Capacity:

Enerjisa Üretim expands total installed capacity by 65 MW, to 3,792 MW at end-2023, and obtains preliminary licenses during 2023 for 500 MW wind energy generation capacity and 500 MWh battery storage capacity in total

1 Completed on January 15, 2024.
2 Sustainable Development Goals