Meet “Harmony in Motion,” our Annual Report 2023 concept inspired by a maestro’s live performance where a symphony of individual actions culminates in a unified masterpiece.

Just like a maestro who masterfully conducts a symphony orchestra, the Harmony in Motion concept refers to Sabancı Holding’s artful and harmonious management of every facet of its global ecosystem. Sabancı Holding aims for each aspect of its ecosystem to be in continuous and perfect harmony with each other, the natural environment, and people, by using innovative technologies.

Harmony in Motion also represents the synchronized excellence that Sabancı Holding strives to achieve by combining dynamic portfolio management, technological innovation, environmental responsibility, investment in people, and strategic alliances. This synergy translates into continuous growth and progress for our investors. Our 2023 annual report, much like a maestro’s captivating performance, visually represents this intricate symphony of actions. We designed the report to showcase the seamless collaboration within the visionary Sabancı Holding ecosystem, pushing beyond traditional boundaries to deliver world class excellence.

The Harmony in Motion of the Sabancı ecosystem highlights our activities in 2023. We invite you to discover the exceptional value created by this unique forward-looking ecosystem.

Orchestrating Success beyond Borders:
Sabancı’s Global Ecosystem

6Business Partners

Sabancı’s Sustainable Symphony:
Orchestrating Environmental, Social and Governance Responsibility

USD5THOUSANDCommitment to spend for SDG-linked activities by 2027
AA By MSCI, a remarkable 4-notch increase in 4 years
9Sabancı companies listed in leadership level in CDP Climate Change

A Symphony of Excellence:
Aligning Financial Success with Long-Term Value

USD8.8BILLIONNet Asset Value*
5%Share of total BIST capitalization**
21Years of Uninterrupted Dividend Payments


*As of 31.12.2023. Market values for listed assets, independent valuation for Enerjisa Üretim, Sabancı Building Solutions and Sabancı Climate Technologies, and book values for the rest of unlisted assets.
**As of 31.12.2023 and including 11 listed Sabancı companie