Sabancı Culture

Putting the needs and expectations ofcustomers & all stakeholders at focus,

Valuing different perspectives and making decisionsby considering comprehensive inclusion,

Being the pioneer of innovation,

Being courageous to make mistakes and seeing it as a learning & development opportunity,

Focusing on long-term and sustainable value creation.



We place authenticity, respect and trust at the heart of our relations with all stakeholders, thus appearing as we are and being as we appear.


We express our thoughts freely and take risks. We are not afraid to make mistakes. We take the initiative and assume responsibility. We take action.


We build environments that encourage the inclusion of all stakeholders, value different ideas, and deliver the highest benefit through multiple partnerships.


We approach all tasks with enthusiasm, excitement and perseverance. We mobilize our community with our energy.


We question ourselves and our work with a positive curiosity based on excitement about innovation. To get better and better, we learn from our past experiences, develop in line with our vision for the future, and become the pioneer of change.