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Carrefoursa, Sabancı Group’s food retailer and distribution company, executes a strategy centered around achieving optimal growth and operational profitability through physical store investments and focuses on digital growth and new customer acquisition. The company boosts customer value by consistently improving its infrastructure and internal operations. At the same time, Carrefoursa optimizes sales efficiency and margins via digitalization. After three decades in the retail sector, Carrefoursa has transformed into a distribution-centric entity. Leveraging its extensive knowledge of customer preferences and market dynamics, the company is strategically growing its customer base. At the end of 2023, Carrefoursa operates more than 1,000 stores – a major milestone in its journey. In the food-beverage sector, Carrefoursa is celebrated for introducing Lezzet Arası restaurants with 14 locations across six cities. This year, the retailer expanded its Cloud Kitchen effort, bolstering its leadership in this innovative arena. Carrefoursa maintains significant like-for-like growth while expanding in ecommerce, franchise, and B2B operations. In order to provide services to hotels and restaurants during the year, Antalya and Bodrum under the name of Carrefoursa Profesyonel has also realized the new mass sales format. In 2023, Carrefoursa broadened its export network in 12 countries – primarily the Middle East alongside expansion in Europe – recording sales of TL 217 million, up 311% yearon- year.

Carrefoursa’s asset-light franchising provides sustainable, cost-effective growth, while supporting artisans/ entrepreneurs and enhancing competitiveness under a mutually beneficial framework. In 2023, with 1,047 stores across 57 cities, Carrefoursa solidified its pioneering position in organized food retailing.

Protect and Grow the Core

Carrefoursa strengthens its core business by expanding via omnichannel integration, adopting a ‘phygital’ strategy, and prioritizing lean transformation. Focused on simplification and efficiency, Carrefoursa refines its product assortment and minimizes the long tail. Embracing digitalization, Carrefoursa enhances CRM and customer experience through integrating the world’s leading technologies. Today, the company, which has more than 10 million unique customers, has won many national and international awards during the year with its advanced customer service structure. Collaborative ventures across various sectors and an innovative organizational structure help realize the ecommerce vision. The number of stores feeding ecommerce sales rose 27% in 2023. Mobile application orders increased 35% with personalized shopping experiences and effective digital marketing strategies this year.

Invest in New Growth Platforms

Carrefoursa extended its success in the food-beverage industry, exemplified by Lezzet Arası restaurants, into the online food ordering sector, via cloud kitchen investments with Carrefoursa Mutfak. Carrefoursa Mutfak offers customers a wide variety, guaranteeing a seamless and userfriendly experience pursuant to its pledge of providing fresh, tantalizing products. This innovation further anchors the food retailer’s position in the ever-changing culinary world, facilitated by efficient home delivery services via external partners.

Carrefoursa’s strategic B2B expansion, anchored by the Carrefoursa Profesyonel food retail strategy, introduces fresh products in selected regions and establishes distribution hubs in Antalya and Bodrum demonstrating a commitment to the Horeca sector. Horeca professionals can easily access specialized products via Carrefoursaprofesyonel.com. Especially in the Horeca sector, B2B sales are targeted for growth in 2024, expanding their presence in the upstream value chain. Carrefoursa plans to expand its existing Horeca network in the coming year. Carrefoursaisortagi.com, a franchise system website, lets retailers manage all business operations from one unified platform. The website provides a multi-channel technology framework for optimizing processes, including product sourcing, sales, real-time analytics, inventory checks, and payments.

The Way Forward

Carrefoursa is rapidly going digital while channeling investments into both physical and online sectors, driven by customer insights. Recognizing the growing phygital trend, the food retailer aims to deliver consistent experiences across all platforms with seamless accessibility in offline and online channels. In this context, with the advertising technologies and digital wallet applications that will be implemented in the coming period, the company will expand its customer base and expand its services for different customer needs. In addition to digitalization efforts, Carrefoursa remains committed to environmental awareness and sustainability going forward. These strategic imperatives are realized through innovative initiatives such as urban agriculture – collaborating with local farmers for fresh produce. In this context, with the advertising technologies and digital wallet applications that will be implemented in the coming period, the company will expand its customer base and expand its services for different customer needs. Carrefoursa aims to source 70-80% of its energy from renewables by 2030.

Tursa & AEO

As of year-end 2023, the Hiltonsa chain of hotels had a 793-room capacity in total.

Tursa, a Sabancı Holding subsidiary, is the owner of Adana Hiltonsa and Mersin Hiltonsa, while Ankara Enternasyonal Otelcilik (AEO) owns Ankara Hiltonsa. Sabancı Group entered the tourism industry with the Adana Erciyas Hotel many years ago. The Group established a founding partnership with Hilton Group and inaugurated the Ankara Hiltonsa Hotel in 1988. Sabancı Group’s tourism business expanded further with the addition of Mersin Hiltonsa Hotel in 1990 and Adana Hiltonsa in early 2001. As of year-end 2023, the Hiltonsa chain of hotels had a 793-room capacity in total: 310 rooms at Ankara Hiltonsa, 295 rooms at Adana Hiltonsa, and 188 rooms at Mersin Hiltonsa. The hotels are operated by Hilton Group.