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Adapting to the Future of Work


Sabancı Group, one of the five main areas we focus on at Sabancı Group within the scope of our “2021-2025 strategic plan” is “Adapting to the Future of Work”.

Sabancı Group embarked on Türkiye’s most comprehensive project of adaptation to the future of work in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. The results and action plans were shared with the public in March 2021. The study was carried out under seven main dimensions, covering all Group companies.

Under these 7 dimensions, Sabancı Group companies defined their aspirations, charters and roadmaps and set out a 3-year dynamic action plan to reach and lead the ever‑moving global best practices. The FoW action plan sets out more than 1,500 medium‑term and long‑term actions crafted to meet sector needs, global best practices and global trends. 42% of these 3-year action plans were completed in 2021. Once all actions are completed, Sabancı Group companies are expected to distinguish themselves with among the global best practices in their industries in the world in terms of “the Future of Work”. 

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