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Digital - 2022 General Overview


2022 was a year of transformation for Sabancı Group’s digital business. Aiming to create a global player in the digital world by focusing on business models based on next generation technologies at Sabancı Group, Dx Technology Services and Investment BV (Dx BV) was established in the Netherlands. Sabancı Holding is the sole and founding shareholder of this entity. In 2022, Dx BV invested in Radiflow and SEM, among the best companies in the cyber security and digital marketing sectors respectively, to accelerate growth and value creation of these rising stars.

Protect and Grow the Core

With these new investments, Sabancı Group expanded its global presence in the digital arena, doubling the number of customers served with a footprint in 60 countries and offices in five countries. Targeted investments and professional development programs helped the Group build a high-performing team. Sabancı Group’s digital workforce serves in diverse geographies of the world with unique capabilities and includes a wide range of certified specialists from various disciplines. The Group’s highly skilled digital team is a major competitive advantage: Talent is the most important asset for digital businesses to differentiate in the market and create value for customers.

In the digital business’s transformation journey, Sabancı Group refined the strategic business model into a more integrated structure with four main strategic pillars: Cyber Security, Digital Marketing Technologies and Services, Cloud and Technology Services, and Digital Transformation Products. The growth outlook and business potential of each respective pillar lead Sabancı Group to accelerate investments and build a foundation to create value globally.

Invest in New Growth Platforms

In recent years, Sabancı Group has experimented with many initiatives in marketing technologies through SabancıDx, giving the Group the opportunity to validate unique digital marketing offerings. By 2021, the global market for marketing technologies had reached USD 250 billion. The marketing technologies segment has significant growth potential with projections of 40+% CAGR for the foreseeable future. SEM, a leading digital marketing agency in Türkiye and the first Google Premier Partner in the country, joined the Dx BV family in 2022. This market leader is wellpositioned to bolster the Group’s digital marketing capabilities and become the best place to seed and flourish unique value propositions for its business partners.

Growing use of digital technologies, the rapid rise of remote work, and increased awareness of business continuity have driven cyber security to the top of the agenda of decision-makers at all organizational levels. The global cyber security market is expected to reach USD 350 billion by 2026. Operational technologies (OT) security is one of the fastest growing sub-segments of cyber security. This enormous potential led Dx BV to invest in Radiflow, a developer of the most advanced products to secure critical infrastructures of the energy, utilities, manufacturing, transportation and logistics industries. Currently, Radiflow protects over 6,000 facilities globally and has a footprint in Europe, USA, Middle East, North Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Cloud adoption by the business sector increases every day and is only at the beginning of a very long and exciting journey. For many years, SabancıDx has invested in building know-how and talent in cloud technologies. The company has long served customers in their transition to cloud technologies. Recently, SabancıDx established a strategic partnership with Bulutistan, a Sabancı Ventures investment. Talented professionals from both companies are working together on the same campus to deliver the best cloud solutions to customers.

SabancıDx has built deep expertise, know-how, and an approach to creating insight-driven agile and scalable digital products to accelerate adoption and harness the power of digital. To date, SabancıDx has commercialized numerous products, including HrWe, Pratis, and Edoksis, which are used by 10% of Fortune 500 companies and more than 4,000 customers in the region every day.

The Way Forward

SabancıDx is now transforming its ideation and productization capabilities under the umbrella of StudioDx’s Digital Factory. This effort is supported by unique ecosystem partners and strategic collaborations. Growth will be driven by the collective R&D power of Sabancı Group, which harnesses the academic capability of Sabancı University and the catalyzing power of SabancıDx in addition to invaluable intangible assets, such as talent, stakeholders, brand, R&D, and intellectual property.

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