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Sabancı of New Generation


Our new strategic roadmap, which we call Sabancı of New Generation, underlines the ever-changing conditions of today’s world. Sabancı of New Generation emphasizes Sabancı Group’s objective of adapting rapidly and effectively to a world where what is considered “new” changes every single day.

With over 90 years of experience, Sabancı Group operates companies that are industry leaders and rank among Turkey’s most reputable enterprises. The Group has forged strong partnerships with world-renowned companies and maintained these with success over long periods. Sabancı Group complies with corporate governance principles and implements strategic portfolio management.

Our mission at Sabancı Group is to manage a competitive strategic portfolio with sustainable growth potential, by creating value for stakeholders.

In today’s fast-changing market conditions, where the competitive environment has been upended by new technologies, Sabancı Group aims to boost the growth potential of its companies while generating more cash and managing its portfolio in a dynamic fashion.

Our vision is to integrate high technology and advanced data analytics into every company and function across Sabancı Group in order to create a competitive edge. We use our capital efficiently while also investing in data analytics, digitalization and fast-growing sectors based on the latest technologies.

The vision of building Sabancı of New Generation also includes investment in cultural transformation and human resources that will help us make a difference. Talent management policies at Sabancı Group are designed to offer personnel an unrivaled, equitable work experience and give staff members well-defined goals. Our talent management approach allows employees to realize themselves by fostering a culture of continuous development, participation, high performance and diversity. The objective is to make Sabancı Group the “Employer of Choice” for our current and potential employees.

The culture as defined in accordance with the vision of Sabancı of New Generation and the strategic priorities listed above, as well as the values that identify indispensable standards of conduct expected of all Sabancı employees, are stated below:

Sabancı of New Generation

  • Continues to grow stronger through digitalization,
  • Makes a difference with data analytics,
  • Builds a brand new future with key investments,
  • Takes strategic steps in the field of sustainability,
  • Continues to grow by achieving positive results.

As Sabancı Holding, we have agreed on focusing on three different areas to create value throughout our Group companies:(1) Refreshing the performance culture, (2) Dynamic strategic portfolio management and (3) Creating value through the Sabancı Eco-system.

Refreshing the performance culture means the goals of making better use of our superior performance culture, business and operational excellence muscles. Dynamic strategic portfolio management aims to improve our companies’ growth potential as well as generating cash and assuring dynamic management of Sabancı Group’s portfolio in the midst of current competition environment that has been completely reshaped by technology. Finally, the concept we call creating value through the ecosystem aims to sustain a great ecosystem that is improved and formed by empowered sharing and cooperation environment among Sabancı Group companies.

Sabancı Group includes 3 key leverages in its strategic roadmap for these 3 focus points that shape the Sabancı of New Generation.

  1. Data Analytics and Digital Transformation: Our goals is to integrate technology and advanced data analytics, which we use for creating business value based on high-volume data, into each company and function in Sabancı Group for assuring a competitive edge.
  2. Talent and Culture Management: We know that culture transformation and investing in human resources are the main keys of adopting the Sabancı of New Generation and making a difference, and thus Sabancı protects and assures sustainability of its position as the “Most Preferred Employer”.
  3. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Sustainability: Recently, sustainability has become a more and more popular theme in Turkey and all around the world; we focus on the Environmental, Social and Corporate aspects of sustainability and we care about Creating Economic Value, Continuously Improving our Human Resources, Creating Social Benefit and Being Environment-Conscious in all our sectors and geographies.

Vision adopted by the Sabancı of New Generation, culture defined within the framework of foregoing strategic focuses and values referring to the essential behaviors expected from all Sabancı personnel are as follows:

Sabancı of New Generation’s culture:

  • Focuses on needs and expectations of its customers and all stakeholders,
  • Values different opinions and prioritizes extensive participation of decisions,
  • Leads innovation,
  • Is not afraid of making a mistake; sees it as an opportunity for improvement and learns from it,
  • Focuses on creating long term and sustainable value