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Donation and Grants Policy


Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş. (Holding) can donate and aid to the people, non-governmental organizations, associations or foundations, universities, public institutions and organizations, which have been activating in the fields of education, culture, arts, environment and sport, within the principles stipulated in Capital Market Law and Regulations, with a corporate sense of social responsibility, without limited to those listed.

All donations and aids are carried out in accordance with the resolution of Holding; they are in compliance with vision, mission and policies of Holding and based on the ethical principles and values belonging to Holding. Donations and aids can be carried out in two ways; in cash and in kind.

Total limit of donations intended to make in the fiscal year is determined by the General Assembly. In line with the principles mentioned in Donation and Aid Policy and with the principles as stipulated by the regulations to which it is subjected, Holding submits all donations and aids realized in each fiscal period to the attention of the shareholders with a separate agenda item in the General Assembly Meeting of the relevant year.

A material disclosure is made, as required, if the donations and aids carried out by Holding within Capital Market Legislation is at least 1% and over of the total asset of the latest balance sheet announced to the public or if the sum of donations and aids lower than 1% reaches at least 1% of the total assets of the latest balance sheet announced to the public.

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