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Health and Safety Policy



The purpose of this policy is to direct the activities aimed at providing a healthy and safe workplaces for all Sabancı Group employees.

With this policy; occupational health and safety activities carried out by Sabancı Group companies, are supported with the principle of "Occupational Health and Safety First" and with the awareness that our most valuable asset is our employees.

This policy covers all Sabancı Group employees, employees of subcontractor / supplier companies and visitors.


With the approach of "All accidents and occupational diseases are preventable", our health and safety systems and activities are regularly reviewed. “Zero work accidents and zero occupational diseases” are targeted with the aim of raising awareness our employees.


Sabancı Group employees, employees of subcontractor / supplier companies and visitors are responsible for complying with this policy. All these employees are responsible to cooperate with the Occupational Health and Safety team in the workplace in line with the legislation practices in preventing risks in terms of health and safety.

All levels of Sabancı Group employees are expected to participate in and comply with HSE Policy.


4.1. Compliance with Legal Regulations and Changing Conditions

Occupational health and safety practices are fulfilled in accordance with legislation and HSE standards and it is aimed to continual improve our performance

4.2. Health and Safety Risk Assesment is Made and Managed to create Safe Workplaces.

While conducting all our activities, possible risks are analyzed in advance, and proactive approaches are taken to avoid these risks.

4.3. Occupational Health And Safety Is Considered A Common Responsibility Of All Our Employees And An Indispensable Part Of Our Corporate Culture

Occupational health and safety culture is seen as a part of life. Within the Sabancı Group, standardization and excellence in occupational health and safety practices targeted by sharing knowledge and experience are disseminated among our employees and all our stakeholders. For this purpose, synergy and opportunities to make a difference between Group companies are evaluated.

4.4. All Our Employees Are Provided With Health and Safety Trainings.

 All of our employees are given health and safety trainings at certain periods during their recruitment and continuity of the job. Employees' participation in each training is documented at the end of the training

4.5. Our Occupational Health and Safety Performance is regularly reviewed and efforts are made to improve it continuously

Our occupational health and safety system is regularly reviewed with the aim of continuously improving our occupational health and safety performance and raising awareness of our employees on this issue

4.6. It is aimed to be a pioneer with our Occupational Health and Safety Practice and Performance.

All of our companies are aimed to be pioneers with their performance by developing exemplary approaches in their own sectors and in global occupational health and safety practices


This policy enters into force on the date it is approved by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sabancı Holding, and if deemed necessary, it is reviewed by the Human Resources and Labor Relations Directorate and amendment proposals are submitted for the approval of the Board of Directors. In case of an update, it is announced to all employees.

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