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Sustainability Governance


As Sabancı Holding, we pioneer and lead the sectors that we operate in via our sustainability approach which we spread to Group companies, focusing on understanding and adapting to change. With the best practices we have implemented in the ESG areas, we contribute making sustainability an integral part of the business model in all sectors. In our main business lines such as energy, industrials, and financial services, we transform our existing investments to become more sustainable, while defining our new generation growth platforms in sustainable and high-tech business areas. By focusing areas such as electrification, digitalization, and circular economy, we aim to ensure the highest level of efficiency within our own organization and our customers’ activities.

Sustainability Governance Structure

We established Sabancı Group Sustainability Leadership Committee to effectively manage efforts within the scope of the Sustainability Roadmap. We established Thematic Task Forces under Sustainability Leadership Committee. Both the Sustainability Leadership Committee and the Thematic Task Forces (the latter through Sustainability Business Unit) report to the CEO. We also have a Board Sustainability Committee consisting of independent Board members.


The Sustainability Leadership Committee, chaired by the Human Capital and Sustainability Group President on the Executive Board, ensures that the Holding and Group companies are on the same page in terms of sustainability goals and actions. The Committee is also responsible for monitoring the progress made toward the goals and actions included in the Group’s Sustainability Roadmap, and for monitoring the efforts to manage risks that may adversely affect Sabancı’s reputation and operations in ESG areas. It monitors international developments, public regulations and trends in sustainability, and advises the Thematic Task Forces accordingly. The Committee encourages the deployment of expertise and best practices among Group companies. The Chair of the Committee informs the Holding Board Sustainability Committee every six months and receives their guidance and approval. With Full Members consisting of all relevant Group Presidents, the Corporate Brand Management and Communications Department President, and the Director of Investor Relations, the Committee is also open to the participation of the relevant stakeholders upon invitation. The Sustainability Director acts as the coordination unit. In addition, a pool of experts from the focus areas of the Sustainability Roadmap was created. Its purpose is to provide the technical basis for the Committee’s decisions on critical issues and guide the Committee on global trends.. The Sustainability Directorate is responsible for the coordination of works.


In 2021, a Board Level Sustainability Committee was established, which is formed and governed by independent Board Members of Sabancı Holding. In 2021, Sustainability Board Committee held its first meeting following its establishment.


We established Thematic Task Forces within the Leadership Committee as supporting structures for the focus areas in the Sustainability Roadmap. Consisting of experts from Group companies, the Task Forces operate with agile working logic. It is responsible for making program and project designs for the implementation of items detailed in the action plan. It reports its work to the Sustainability Leadership Committee through the Sustainability Business Unit.

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