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Senior Management

Şerafettin Karakış
President, Financial Affairs, Accounting and Investor Relations
Derya Özet Yalgı
Director - Sustainability
Devrim Baykent
Director - Treasury and Corporate Finance
Duygu Kayan Bulut
Director - Brand Communication
Erdem Erdoğan
Director - Financial Affairs and Investor Relations
Erkan Şahinler
Director, Group Financial Control
Filiz Karagül Tüzün*
Director, Corporate Communication
İlker Yıldırım
Director - Accounting
Kerem Tezcan
Director - Investor Relations
Murat Gençer
Director - Risk
Mustafa Özturan 
Director, Employee Experience and Labor Relations
Olcay Gürdal
Coordinator, Security
Sarven Peştemalcıgil
Director - Strategy and Business Development
Seçkin Yelmen
Director - Strategy and Business Development
Seval Kor 
Director - Human Resources
Taner Aytan
Director - Audit
Utku Gülmeden
Director - Strategy and Business Development
Yeliz Erinçkan
Director - Strategy and Business Development

*As of 31.12.2023. Filiz Karagül Tüzün was appointed as Corporate Brand Management and Communications President in 2024.

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