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Environmental Policy


Our Corporate Environment Policy

  • We create and practice our environmental standards beyond legal requirements.
  • We aim for excellence by sharing know-how and experience between the companies
  • We adopt a proactive approach in all our activities to continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • We identify and manage environmental risks.
  • We try to implement the best available production techniques.
  • We contribute to sustainability while monitoring environmental developments and turning them into business opportunities.
  • We support environmental awareness and information sharing for society’s development.

Environmental Policy Requirements within the Group

  • We comply with environmental legislation and other legal requirements.
  • We carry out environmental practices beyond legal obligations and ensure compliance.
  • We identify our environmental impacts.
  • We identify all our environmental impacts while we develop, monitor and improve our targets, programs and monitoring systems.

We manage resource consumption within the Group

  • We determine organizational roles, responsibilities and authorizations in infrastructure, technology, finance and human resources, and we ensure that our employees develop environmental awareness.

We ensure systematization in our practices and create synergy among the businesses.

  • We set our business standards with a proactive approach and ensure that everyone, including our employees, suppliers, and contractors, is able to practice them.
  • We proactively identify the risks that may harm the environment when we carry out our activities, and we try to promptly and fully take the measures that will minimize these risks.

We continuously strive to monitor and improve our environmental performance.

  • We set and implement targets for energy and waste management, and natural resource consumption
  • While we aim for continuous improvement with clean products and clean production technologies, we undertake the environmental responsibility of our products and services.
  • We report on our activities and facilitate access to simplified information.
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