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Digital - General Overview


Digital is one of the main components and the driving force of Sabancı Group’s Strategy House.

The main goal of the Group’s Digital Business is to contribute to the Holding’s value creation through investments in advanced data analytics, internet of things (IoT), cyber security and digital transformation of businesses within the framework of a data driven ecosystem. The Group’s Digital Business activities are mainly carried out by SabancıDx, which aims to become “the leading digital and analytics solutions & product company in the region”.

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2021: A lucrative year

SabancıDx left behind a lucrative year in which it stepped up its investments in technology services, as well as gaining direct experience of the value that the technology brings to our lives. In robotic process automation, the company has realized an operational model where companies have been able to access “metal‑collar” employees and hire robots on a per minute basis to use in their operations, rather than owning them.

As the number of our employees working in the field of cyber security and data analytics is increased, SabancıDx has established a better equipped structure by offering training to its human resources. It has carried out significant investment in all rules of compliance which are required for our future plans to create value from customer analytics.

155 analytics projects

The DnA Platform of SabancıDx, which includes the employees of the companies under Sabancı Holding who work in the field of advanced data analytics, has brought together 155 analytics projects. With the contribution of the DnA Platform to the productivity, profitability and the product quality of the companies, Sabancı Group has registered a positive EBITDA impact amounting of TL 545 million since 2018, TL 248 million of which was in 2021.

Two key initiatives

As SabancıDx, we developed two key initiatives in 2021 increasing number of individuals who are qualified in next generation technologies and directing them to employment to ensure the sustainability of the industry. We will continue to offer free support to qualified training projects, starting with TÜSİAD’s Digital Academy project, “My Job, My Power, My Future”. In addition, in cooperation with the Women in Technology Association, we started a project at the end of 2021 where we offered 100 women online training in cyber security and analytics under the banner of “The Faces of the Future” and will complete the training activities this year.

Consultancy services in cyber security

In addition to our technology solutions, at SabancıDx, we have incorporated the “Consultancy Services” department, a field whose services are most in demand in cyber security, and began to offer consulting services in order to ensure the security of operational technologies and IT systems where they function together.

Meanwhile, we developed our digital solutions family for human resources, HrWe. This year, we added the next generation performance management application, Perfx; the next generation reward & recognition application, Thanxie; and the dialogue‑based Artificial Intelligence application, Xoi, as well as the digital human resources management and payroll application, HrWeb.

2022: Cybersecurity and data analytics

Looking forward, cybersecurity and data analytics are the avenues of growth for the Group via SabancıDx.

In addition to the products that SabancıDx has developed in the field of cyber security and data analytics in 20 different countries, the services that we have created with the competencies of our employees, and with the contribution of our new investments, we will become even more equipped for the future.

When it comes to our products, we will continue to build our digital solutions family for human resources, HrWe. The first product we will develop will be Booxpace, a next generation solution which allows the employees to book an office, a meeting room or a desk in their preferred building or a floor for any day and any time they wish.

Through Sabancı Ventures, we will continue to undertake large‑scale investments in such companies and contribute to their growth.

We are aiming to keep growing in 20 countries that we are serving as SabancıDx and increase our business volume three‑fold while expanding our presence on the continents America, Europe and Africa.

Digitalization within the Group

SabancıDx delivers 50% of its services to Sabancı Group Companies and 50% to companies outside of the Group. As a technology company, we offer our competencies in next generation technology to support companies within the Sabancı Group which need to conform to the future of business life.

With the contributions of Sabancı University, we have encouraged all our employees in data analytics, data understanding and thinking out of the box. We have supported those emerging talents in realizing their ideas.

The successful projects realized within the scope of the DnA Platform, have set the stage for significant increases productivity in Kordsa’s quality development program. The developments in Brisa’s Industry 4.0 journey have been our valuable gains.

With Digital Maturity and Cyber Maturity analysis which we have conducted for Group companies, we have performed rigorous situation assessments which help us plan the future. With shared objectives in our group activities, we are working to bring our security standards to international levels.

By applying our competencies for the next generation technology, we designed AksigortaNext, a mobile application which adds value to the insurance industry, and improved the digital insurance experience for Aksigorta.

We will continue our Sabancı Ventures and Akportföy investments that we realized in 2021, while expanding our portfolio and stepping up our investments in digital technologies to serve beyond our group companies.

We have successfully realized the robot adaptation in our works by explaining how robots add value to our workforce. In 2021, we were able to achieve added efficiency by using robots for over 10,000 hours within the group.

The future strategy of SabancıDx is to maintain its growth mainly in both data analytics and cyber security, while developing the technology competencies of Group companies.