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Developments on Wind Power Plant Investments of Enerjisa Üretim


Developments regarding the wind power plant investments of Enerjisa Enerji Üretim A.Ş. (Enerjisa Üretim), whose shares representing 50% of the share capital are indirectly owned by Sabancı Holding, in an effort to strengthen its leading position in the renewables energy market in Türkiye are given belo

  • The investments have been ongoing with the goal of the gradual completion and commissioning of the Renewable Energy Resource Area 2 (YEKA-2) projects with a total capacity of 1,000 MW by the first quarter of 2026. For the 75% portion, all significant supply contracts have been signed, and production and shipping have started. For the remaining 25% portion, the order phase has started.
  • As the first of the previously announced Aydın Region YEKA-2 projects of 250 MW, the installation of Akköy Wind Power Plant (WPP) with a capacity of 25.2 MW was completed and commissioned. Additionally, field construction activities have started for the power plants that will have a total capacity of 185 MW when completed.
  • In order to support strategically the growth in the YEKA-2 project regions, Enerjisa Üretim completed the acquisitions of companies that possess the ownership of Çeşme WPP , which has been operational since 2015 with an installed capacity of 18.9 MW, and Dikili WPP, which has been operating since 2020 with an installed capacity of 7.2 MW. Çeşme WPP and Dikili WPP are entitled to increase their capacities by 3.6 MW and 19.2 MW, respectively, and such capacity investments are being considered.
  • In Erciyes WPP project located in Yahyalı district of the city of Kayseri, a capacity investment of 13.6 MW has been completed with the commissioning of 4 more turbines. Total installed capacity of Erciyes WPP has reached 93.6 MW, consisting of 78.6 MW of wind and 15 MW of solar capacity, together with this investment.
  • In addition, preliminary licenses were obtained for 3 separate storage WPPs with a total wind power generation capacity of 500 MW with a battery storage capacity of 500 MWh, following the applications made in line with electricity generation facilities with storage.

As a result of these investments and developments, total operational installed capacity of Enerjisa Üretim has reached 3,792 MW as of the end of 2023. Once the ongoing investments are completed and the capacity increases are deployed, Enerjisa Üretim will solidify its leading position as electricity generator in Turkish private sector by reaching an installed capacity of approximately 5,000 MW with a share of 60% renewables by 2026..
Further developments will be made available to public.

Developments on Wind Power Plant Investments of Enerjisa Üretim

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