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Investor Relations 2020 Activities

31 December 2020

Sabancı Holding management maintains open and frequent communications with its shareholders. Investor relations activities are designed to increase Sabancı Holding’s value for current shareholders and attract new investors. Therefore, Sabancı Holding management is committed to timely and transparent communication of strategic plans and operational results with analysts and investors. The focus on transparency is also reflected in the Holding’s management structure. In line with this approach, three independent Board Members serve on Sabancı Holding’s Board of Directors.

At Sabancı Holding, investor relations operations are managed by the Investor Relations Department under the Finance Group within the scope of Corporate Governance Principles published by the Capital Markets Board (CMB). The Department handles daily information flow to the investment community. In 2020, the Investor Relations Team responded to numerous investor and equity analyst requests via phone and e-mail. The team also proactively contacted investment community after quarterly results announcements or in an event of any new material development. Sabancı Holding’s Investor Relations Department conducts its activities on a global scale. Throughout the year, Investor Relations Department participated in conferences and teleconferences and met with a total of 231 institutional investors and analysts from Turkey, Europe, Asia, the Gulf Arab countries and the USA.

In 2020, Virtual Energy, Financial Services and Industry Sector Days brought together Sabancı Holding Strategic Group Presidents and public companies with analysts and investors. Relevant Group Presidents and Company CEOs and CFOs informed analysts and investors about major developments in their respective industries and their strategies. In order to announce the new Strategy House and medium-term targets to analysts and investors, Sabancı Holding organized a Virtual Capital Markets Day during the year with the participation of its CEO and the CFO. Some 197 analysts and investors participated in these various events. Additionally, four web conferences were held to announce quarterly financial results to investors and analysts.

Sabancı Holding Investor Relations website that has updated throughout 2020 went live in January 2021. The new website provides visitors with the most up-todate information about Sabancı Holding in a faster, easier and more user-friendly way. The investor relations website aims to facilitate access to Sabancı Holding’s financial results, sustainability activities, corporate strategies, events schedule and information on strategic business units.

The Investor Relations Department aims to pursue close dialogue and relationship with existing and potential investors by delivering the strategic plans and major developments to investors in 2021.

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