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Climate Emergency


Energy and Emission Management 

Every industry in which we operate comes with inherent risks and opportunities in terms of the climate emergency. We adopt the integrated management of portfolio risks for the operations of Sabancı Holding and Group companies and make projections regarding the impacts of the relevant risks. In the fight against the climate emergency, we focus on directly reducing GHG emissions, developing technologies that will support a sustainable future, and investing in products and services that will promote these technologies. We also provide financing for innovative approaches to extend the fight against the climate emergency across the entire value chain. We adopt a circular economic model that will bring a new perspective on waste to ensure that our natural resources, which are decreasing due to the climate emergency, are used effectively and efficiently.

At Sabancı Group, our energy intensity decreased by 25% in 2021, while the ratio of our Scope 1 and 2 emissions to our combined net sales revenue decreased by 27%. We achieved a total of 43.2 thousand MWh of energy savings with efficiency implemented. As a result of carbon emission reduction projects, we prevented approximately 118 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to these, we procured nearly 356 thousand MWh of our electricity from renewable sources. Apart from the step we take to reduce impact of our operations, in order to keep global warming below 1.5°C target, we focus on sustainable products, services and investments to decarbonize the energy and transportation sectors. Our absolute emissions in Scope 1 and total energy consumption increased mainly due to the higher production output in energy business.

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