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Gender Equality


In the Women Friendly Companies 2018 research of Capital Magazine; we have been awarded first place in Group with the Highest Number of Female Executives category and second in The Group with the Highest Number of Women Employees category. Our woman employee ratio is 31% and the ratio of female executives is 37%.

Extends this compliance and pursuit of excellence toward its workforce and all stakeholders. For this purpose, synergy and difference-making opportunities are evaluated between Group companies. In 2019, a platform was created where all Group companies can share industryleading best practices within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety Week.

Sabancı Group has also agreed to the Declaration of Equality. Establishing and maintaining a fair working environment for employees is a top priority at Group companies. Any type of discrimination within the organization based on language, race, skin color, gender, political thought, faith, religion, denomination, age, physical disability or similar reasons is not tolerated.

To ensure the effective participation of women, young people and disabled individuals in business, the Group implements practices that encourage these groups to participate while offering equal employment opportunities.

The physical facilities necessary for disabled employees to work effectively are offered and regularly reviewed by the Group.

Business against domestic violence

At Sabancı Group, we provide full support to the Business Against Domestic Violence (BADV) project executed by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum. The project aims to benefit from the managerial and organizational talent of the business community and to determine measures and support methods against domestic violence. This effort aims to establish support mechanisms against domestic violence in workplaces and illuminate the issue of violence against women. All our companies have participated in Gender Equality Trainer Training and Training on Workplace Policies for Combating Domestic Violence Against Women as part of the BADV effort in 2019

The BADV guide application was developed at Avivasa, Çimsa, Kordsa, Teknosa and Yünsa as of 2019.

Women Employee Ratio
As of 31 December 2020, the ratio of the total number of female employees of the Company to the total number of employees is 19.9%. The ratio is 30% at Group level.

Equal representation
Sabancı Holding targets to have an equal representation of women and men in leadership positions (manager level and above) by 2030 at the latest (As of 30.09.2021 – %39)

Pay Gap Review
Currently Sabancı Holding does not have equal pay or raw pay gap against women employees (white & blue collar included). Sabancı Holding is committed to perform equal pay for equal work and raw gender pay gap analysis on an annual basis and maintain equality moving forward.