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Health & Sports


The pandemic showed us of the importance of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. At Sabancı Group, we have enhanced and will continue to enhance our long-established employee support programs, which are intended for all our employees and their families, with additional physical, spiritual and mental support packages. In 2021, employee assistance programs including stress‑management tools, mindfulness and resilience training programs, wellbeing applications, online dietician support, coaching and expert sessions expanded in usage. We used data analytics and analysis to track the number of employees accessing the programs and address the concerns and issues raised.

Other than Sabancı Holding’s Group Companies employees, Sabancı Volunteers make their effort meaningful for the society during the pandemic. Sabancı Volunteers launched a significant social responsibility project under the banner of ‘Tomorrow Is Ours’, to ensure a better future for the children and siblings of healthcare workers, who have been the key heroes of the pandemic. The ‘Tomorrow Is Ours’ project aims to prepare these young people for every aspect of their adult lives, with the program also providing them with the tools to achieve their career goals. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, the stressful nature of their parents’ work and the difficulties of online education exacerbated the pressure on these young people while they prepared for their university entrance exams. Therefore, Sabancı Holding decided to support these young people, who represent the ‘future’ of healthcare, by bringing this ambitious project to life. The ‘Tomorrow Is Ours’ project was founded on two programs which represent parallel pillars which when combined provide vital support; a ‘mentoring program’ and a ‘career development program’. The project’s first step was to match the students with the most suitable ‘mentors’ from a pool of Sabancı Group employees. A total of 626 Sabancı Volunteers mentored 698 young people from 65 Turkish provinces in the project’s first phase. The second phase of the project, which commenced in September 2021 with 500 young people and 500 mentors, aims to increase self‑awareness and social awareness by teaching ‘Youth responsibility’.

In order to help civil society cope with the COVID-19 crisis, Sabancı Foundation also prioritized not to interrupt any of its supports and developed cooperation with other institutions in taking actions to meet the needs of women, who are among the vulnerable groups due to the challenges they have faced during the pandemic period. The Foundation also played a pioneering role in signing international pledges regarding the pandemic.

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