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Protecting Biodiversity


The change in land use due to human activities is seen as the leading cause of the decline in biodiversity and the negative impact on wildlife. According to a report, approximately 1 million species face extinction. Ecosystem services, defined as ecological processes that support human wellbeing, are directly affected by the loss of biodiversity. This poses a risk to all societies, and especially to the continuity of agricultural production. Considering that the annual financial benefit of ecosystem services is in the range of USD 125-140 trillion, we must take action to conserve biodiversity. Monitoring studies should be carried out to identify the species, and preventive actions should be taken to protect the identified species. At Sabancı Group, biodiversity is a key component of our environmental management approach and we strongly value the conservation of biodiversity. Our Responsible Investment and Due Diligence Policy sets the exclusion list which includes a wide range of biodiversity standards. These standards are applied to all investments without a threshold. We also commit to take into consideration the IFC Performance Criteria or EBRD Performance Requirements when assessing the environmental and social risk of large-scale investments with an investment amount of more than 10 million US Dollars and which include production activities that may pose a significant environmental/ social risk if not managed properly. The Policy also defines how ESG due diligence including biodiversity criteria will be conducted along the value chain of Sabancı Group. We also undertake biodiversity conservation programs and cooperate with local public bodies as well as non-governmental organizations. In addition to monitoring and conservation activities, we initiate communication campaigns to increase social awareness on biodiversity.


Sabancı Group strives to eliminate negative impacts on biodiversity from its entire value chain.

The activities that are excluded in our Responsible Investment and Due Diligence include the following:

  • Fishing activities that are considered illegal and overfishing and using drag nets longer than 2.5 km,
  • Production or trade of wood and other forestry products from non-sustainably managed forestry activities,
  • All commercial activities that adversely affect tropical rainforest areas,
  •  Activities within or threatening RAMSAR (Convention on Protection of Wetlands) areas,
  • Activities contrary to the provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora,
  • Activities in areas defined by the Alliance for Zero Extinction,
  • Activities in the regions defined in Categories 1-4 within the scope of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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