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Protecting Biodiversity


Sabancı Holding cares about protecting ecological resources and natural life with an eco-friendly approach. Biodiversity, a fundamental component of environmental sustainability, plays a key role in the continuity of systems around the world. Our Sabancı Group companies support the protection of biodiversity to the extent of their impact.

Bird Isolation Project by Enerjisa Enerji

Birds, particularly migratory birds, face the risk of electrocution as they commonly perch on utility poles and nest or enter between conductors. Accidents often result in the death of birds. Enerjisa Enerji installed “Bird Deterrent” devices on migration and/or risky routes in the pilot area in Adana to prevent bird deaths and protect the bird diversity in the region.

Biodiversity Competition and Rehabilitation Activities by Akçansa

Akçansa organizes the Biodiversity Project Competition, a first in the industry, to promote fauna/flora diversity at mining sites and restore degraded lands in harmony with local ecology. Students, graduates, academics and researchers of all ages participate in the competition to increase biodiversity at mining sites, where raw materials are produced, through creative, unique, and innovative projects. The competition, the first of which took place in 2013, will be held for the fourth time in 2021.

Akçansa also conducts rehabilitation activities at mine sites. As of 2019, it has rehabilitated a total of 25.2 hectares in the mining area, where production was terminated, by land preparation and planting trees compatible with the local flora. The company supports planting activities across Turkey and organizes arbor days with the active participation of its employees and their families.