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Sustainability Vision


Sabancı Group’s sustainability approach extends from Sabancı Holding to Group companies. It is an intermediary to create long-term value that is generated by the Group for stakeholders in different fields especially in economic extent. We increase the value of the Group for investors through sustainability and strive to ensure long-term social and environmental advantages, while creating economic value. With this approach, we ensure the continuous development of our talented and competent human capital. The future success of Group companies and long-term social contribution could be possible through our investments and projects. These include adopting flexible business models that respond to global environmental problems, particularly the crisis related to climate change.

We manage Sabancı Holding’s operations, performance and material issues by the Executive Committee, at the highest level.

Sustainability Management

We manage Sabancı Holding’s operations, performance and material issues by the Executive Committee. Thus, sustainability practices are carried out within Sabancı Holding and Sabancı Group are pursued by the highest execution level at Sabancı Holding.

The Sustainability Working Group that has been operational since 2018 together with representatives from all Sabancı Group companies, aims to manage and promote our sustainability approach and practices more effectively across the Sabancı Group. Chaired by the Human Capital President, who is a member of the Executive Committee, the Working Group evaluates and promotes knowledge, experience, and best practices related with sustainability across the Sabancı Group. Our ESG evaluation reports are supervised by the Human Capital Group President and periodically shared with the Executive Committee.

We issue sustainability reports on an annual basis and participate in CDP Climate Change and Water programs to transparently share the sustainability performance of the Sabancı Group and the value it creates to the stakeholders. We established the Reporting Group, consisting Working Group members, to effectively prepare the ESG reports. The Reporting Group guides the companies, ensures transparent and balanced reporting on the content to meet expectations of key stakeholders. The reporting Group also identifies good practices that stand out during the reporting processes of the companies to ensure standardization reporting in accordance with Sabancı Group’s material sustainability issues.