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Waste Management


At Sabancı Group, we act with the vision of achieving Zero Waste by 2050 at the latest. We are transitioning to a circular business model in which waste is recycled to ensure the more effective and efficient use of scarce resources. Our waste intensity, which is the ratio of our combined net revenue to total waste generated, decreased by 7% compared to 2020. The percentage of waste recycled and reused was 80% of the total waste generated. In addition to the measures, we take to reduce our own operational waste, we aim to reduce waste generation of our customers through effective maintenance and repair services and sustainable products that are resource efficient and durable.


We are a member of the Business Plastic Initiative, which was launched by the Business Council for Sustainable Development Türkiye (BCSD Türkiye) to reduce plastic waste in private sector. We aim to reduce the consumption of disposable plastics by 100% until 2024. In this context, we first aim to prevent the unnecessary use of plastic and switch to the reuse model where possible. In the next phases of our target, we plan to focus on the use of recycled plastics and reduce plastic consumption across the entire value chain.

Please visit our Sustainability Report for further detail.

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